6 Powerful Spells to Make Someone Call You

Spells to Make Someone Call You

Knowing a few spells to make someone call you when you need that call can be very useful. You are special and you deserve the attention you need. Sometimes the other person just needs a little nudge to call you and a call me spell is the perfect way of making that happen. Sometimes they need to be reminded to make that call, but not reminded by you! This is when a little bit of magick can help.

Knowing a few simple spells and chants can really speed things along and bring a bit of magic into both your lives!

Try a few of these I have divined over the years, they have worked brilliantly for hundreds of thousands of others. As a bonus I have added a Witchy Tip to every spell, these make the spell more powerful and increase the connection between you and the person you want to call you.

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A Call me Spell Without Ingredients

One of the things I am asked for a lot is a spell that doesn’t require special ingredients you may not have to hand. So this spell is super easy and doesn’t require special ingredients and things you may not have. All you need is a red pen and a piece of paper to make someone call you.

The Fiery Red spell

red candle spell

This simple call me spell couldn’t be any easier. It is great to use when you want to have someone you love call you. Using a red pen is particularly powerful the color red symbolizes fire, passion and love. The main thing you bring to this spell is your powerful desire for that person to call you as soon as possible. Just to hear their voice and know they are thinking about you too.

Experience required Beginner

Chances of success 3/5

Stuff you need

Red pen

Piece of Paper

How to do it

This spell can only be cast at night, this is important to remember as the moon grants you your wish.

Write the person’s name down three times in the middle of the page to really get their attention. Write your name and telephone number below their name. Scrunch the paper up in a ball and hold it up to the light of the moon.

Now say the person’s name out loud while you look at the moon asks the moon to make them call you. you can use words like

Moon that shines the brightest that brings us romance and lets us find our path in life please make them call me so that I can feel their light in my soul.

Tell the moon why you would love this to happen, she will listen to you and hear your thoughts and desires.

Hide the scrunched up paper somewhere safe where only you can find it for at least 7 days. On the 7th day hold the paper to your heart and repeat their name out loud. This will increase their connection and their need to call you.

Witchy Tip

Concentrate hard on that person’s face as you ask the moon to grant you your wish. Visualize them on their cell smiling and happy to hear your voice.

Call Me Spells Using Basic Ingredients

It can be useful to have a few simple herbs and elements from nature to help you achieve your magick. In spells to make someone call you it is best to use those ingredients that have to do with love and care and communication. In addition to nature, I have found that I can rely on bells for sound to tune into the important sense of hearing and listening and the use of magic numbers to connect with the inner and outer spirit.

This is why I have repeat 3 times in a lot of my spells and chants. 3 is a super magic number. The bells ring to bring you luck and to enhance your natural spirituality, this helps you be heard by the spirits and ring in the hearts of those you want to make call you.

Strawberry and Vanilla Call Me Spell

strawberry spell This is a favorite spell of mine because strawberries are a fruit associated with love and sensuality and vanilla drops increase your mental powers and restore your energy. We are all connected by energy and bringing more of that in to help with this spell is a special treat. The smells are warm and sensual, there is little need for words just utter the person’s name and st in silence and let your magick energy do the rest.

Experience required Beginner

Chances of success 4/5

Stuff you need

Two cupfuls of Strawberries

Vanilla Essence

Jasmine oil

How to do it

This spell uses the senses of taste and smell to evoke your own magick. You simply mix the two cups of strawberries together symbolizing the mixing of your name with theirs, as you do this visualize the two of you on a call laughing and talking. Add 3 drops of vanilla essence for extra sweetness to the strawberries. Say the person’s name out loud 3 times and ask them to call you.

For an extra strength spell, you can add 3 drops of jasmine oil to your wrist, your pulse will send the scent into the air. Jasmine is a scent of love. The jasmine oil will help bring thoughts of you into their head.

Sit quietly with this potent thought for 3 minutes concentrating all the time on the other person. Visualizing the other person and you on a call together will make you smile and your smile increases the warm love and energy your spell sends out. The smells and symbols of the fruit and oils will keep that person’s face in your memory.

Witchy Tip

The simple tip for this spell is that you use the jasmine oil in the bath before casting this magic spell as jasmine increases your attractiveness and your positive energy. Simple rituals like these really increase your own powers.

Bay Leaf Spell to Call Me

The bay leaf has a wonderful history as a way of sending up messages and thanks to the Gods of old. The Romans tied 3 bay leaf twigs together with a red string to ask for blessings and a good crop. Using the number 3 was important in Roman times as they understood the magic and power of the number. The red string in this spell to make someone call you symbolizes the joining together of love passion and fire.

It is a good call me spell when love is what you want. Sugar is used to add to the attraction and sweeten the intent of magic spells so it is useful here to make a more powerful and sweet ritual.

Experience required Beginner

Chances of success 3/5

Stuff you need

3 Bay leaves

Red string or ribbon

3 teaspoons of sugar in a cup of water

A bell, or the sound of the bell on your cell phone

How to do it

Soak your 3 bay leaves in the sugar water overnight. this helps them attract love and positive energy so when used in your call me spell they will have sweetness and power.

Tie the 3 bay leaves together with the red string or ribbon as the Romans did as an offering to their Gods.

Call out the name of the person you want to call you 3 times, sound the bell three times, this brings attention to your call and makes you listen for them.

Now say out loud

Call me with love in your voice

Call me with love in your voice

Call me with love in your voice

Finally, ring the bell 3 times

Witchy Tip

Sleeping with the bay leaves under your pillow after you have used them in your spell will bring protection and love into your life. The bay leaf plant is said to fall in love with the person who planted it as it is strongly associated with care and returns the love the planter first gave it. Bay leaves have a strong association with care and luck perfect for your life and this spell.

Spell Chant to Make Someone Call you

Chanting is one of the strongest ways that you can reach through the universe to ask for what it is you need. Chanting a spell to make someone call you feels good and is more likely to be heard by the Moon Goddess who loves to hear chanting and carries it across the skies.

I am going to give you 3 of my favorite spell chants that really work in attracting more love and attention and you and you are more likely to make someone call. These are all easy to chant.

A chant for a lover to call

Experience required Beginner

Chances of success 4/5

Stuff you need

Lipstick the redder the better

Piece of Paper

Your sweet voice

How to do it

Draw a great big heart with your lipstick. If you are wearing it it will make the chant out to your lover all the more powerful. If you are wearing red lipstick also make a big kiss on the paper showing your love and intensity of desire.

Write both your initials inside the heart and fold this paper in three. Hold it close to your heart while you chant with love in your heart.

This is the chant It is best chanted at night for the Moon Goddess and your lover to hear you clearly. Chant this 3 times for the greatest chance of success.

Oh Moon Goddess with all your might

Let them call me in the night

This will help my moonlit dreams

Be full of love and thoughts supreme

Witchy Tip

Now put the paper with the heart on it under your pillow and wait for the call. The very last thing that will happen is that you have floated into their thoughts too.

A chant for someone you are interested in to call

This is one of those spells to make someone call you that I get asked for most. You can use this spell alongside any love spell. This chant may need to be repeated more often to really enhance the connection between you and is best if you have a picture of the person in front of you when chanting. This spell needs nothing more than a candle a handful of rice and time. This is not a make someone love you spell but it starts down that path by sending your intentions to the Moon Goddess.

This is a spell best done at night with the moon in sight.

Experience required Beginner

Chances of success 3/5

Stuff you need

A picture of the person you are interested in

Red candle

A bag of rice


How to do it

Light the candle whilst repeating the person’s name 3 times. Lay 3 grains of rice at the bottom of the candle.

Now chant

I call on you to call on me

I call you thrice

I use this rice as my device

When you call my heart will soar

As I sit here upon this floor

You sit with me

I see you clear

It is your voice I want to hear

This easy chant can be repeated for as long as you can concentrate on the person but you must repeat it at least 3 times.

Add another grain of rice EACH TIME you chant. The rice adds up representing the amount of your desire. Rice is traditionally thrown at weddings as a sign of good luck.

Witchy Tip

To increase the power of these magick spells it is always worth adding an offering to the Moon Goddess, this rice acts as a powerful good luck symbol and an offering to the Goddess. The more you chant the more rice you add the more the Moon Goddess is likely to hear you.

A chant for a call from a friend

call me spell

This is a simple chant that is comforting to chant into the universe and is a great spell to make someone call you out of the blue. We can connect with our own spirituality very simply through chanting and this connects us to the universe. This makes us feel connected to others instantly and sends out powerful vibes picked up by witches all over the world.

This is the simplest of chants to make it can be used alongside love spell chants because it simply sends out a message that you are open to love and the universe. A very very simple call me spell. This one is similar to one of our spells to get someone to text you. It has less emphasis on romance.

Experience required Beginner

Chances of success 3/5

Stuff you need

Just space to be on your own

How to do it

This is a chant that needs nothing but your own spirituality let loose. Simply sit quietly and recite this chant at least 3 times. Like all spells, it helps if the place you are is peaceful and your heart and mind are open.

Now chant

In this space, I am free, free to talk and walk with thee

I am alone but we are not apart

As long as I can breathe, I walk with you in my heart

Join my path, hear my incantation

Call me soon and ease my vexation

Witchy Tip

The tip for this spell is very simple. Be open to anyone calling you, try not to use this simple chant for a particular person rather let it send out to all friends old and new and expect someone to call out of the blue because you have sent out your message into the universe.

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How Long Does a Call me Spell Take to Work?

This is a question I am often asked as sometimes people need a call me instantly spell. The answer is it depends on how well you cast the spell and how much magick you can connect to when you cast it.

Most of the simple spells will be heard pretty quickly with practice if you can connect to your own inner magick easily. The more difficult spells that require you to tune in to your inner spirit rely also on all the elements coming together as you cast, these spells have a more powerful impact when combined with spells to make someone love you.

In the end, a simple spell can be as powerful as a more complex one if the person who casts it connects to their inner spirit guide.