Powerful Break Up Spells Without Ingredients

Break Up Spells Without Ingredients

These powerful break up spells without ingredients can be done with a simple incantation and don’t require an altar or ingredients to perform. Before we touch on the actual spells it’s important you understand exactly what you’re doing here or you won’t see results. Worse yet, it might even backfire.

Note: How many break up spells have you seen which are just a couple of words strung together? More importantly: How many of them have actually done anything? Our coven specialises in adapting spells that have been around for a long time to use ingredients which you likely already have around your home. There’s a reason we use ingredients in our spells and a reason incantations are not the same. I really do suggest looking at some of our other spells like our lemon break up spell which is far more potent.

If you haven’t already worked with our coven, make sure you take the magick ability test so we can help pinpoint your innate ability before casting. This will make your spell far more potent.

Incantation Break Up Spells


If you’re casting any kind of spell without anything at all you’re likely using an incantation. It can be as simple as casting with just words and usually repeated. Absolutely anyone can try an incantation spell but it can be difficult to see results which is exactly why most of our initiate spells suggest at least using a candle or sigil in your spells. I’ll show a brief example of how you can work in a simple item as well.

Incantations have been around since the beginning of witchcraft itself. Requiring nothing more than your voice it’s the easiest way to put your intention out into the world. You can find a ritual from others (like the example below) or write your own.

Another note: Writing your own (or having one specifically written for you) is always advised. Especially with an incantation spell.

Simple Moonlit Shakeup Incantation

breakup incantation

You may have seen some of our other incantations which can be fairly long and part of a complete ritual but they really don’t need to be that complex. Repeat this incantation three times under open moonlight:

By the moonlight,

This love needs a shakeup.

This dark relationship needs to break up.

For there to be true light.

True love.

On the third (and final) chant, add:

So mote it be.

A Simple Candle Magic Breakup Spell

I know you wanted break up spells without ingredients but adding something as simple as a candle (which you probably have lying around your house already) can make a huge difference. Rituals and ingredients can add potency to your spell but they don’t need to be complicated. Candle magic is easy and doesn’t require anything more than a simple candle to add a lot of potency to your spell.

Note: It’s important with any candle magic you are using a single candle for a single spell. Don’t use a candle that has been used for general purposes around the house.

A candle magic ritual at it’s most basic is the exact same as your incantation. It can be as easy as lighting the candle while you chant.

Or maybe you want to do a hard reset and use the nuclear method, and speak on wanting for the candle’s flame to burn away any and all magic cast your or their way. Just keep in mind that you need to redo all of your protections and blessings afterward if you go for the nuclear method.

Once you’ve spoken your intention over the candle, light it up and let it burn all the way down, until it goes off by itself. Once the candle’s fire has gone out, your breakup spell will be complete.

Some casts do get a lot more complex. We won’t get into that here but you can see examples of this in our book of shadows if you’d like to make your cast more in-depth.


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The Risks of Breakup Spells

Break up spells are not something we often suggest you use lightly. Remember the rule of 3 (which we covered in our getting into witchcraft guide) if you’re intentionally trying to harm others for your own gain it’s likely going to backfire. There are instances where a breakup spell is warranted if it’s to protect someone from a toxic relationship but they should always be used with care.

Casting Spells Without Ingredients

break up spell

Regardless of the type of spell, ingredients and rituals can help your potency because they focus your intention on those items. It’s entirely possible to cast a spell without anything more than words but it can be harder. Even experienced witches use rituals and items because it provides an easier way to charge your intention into the universe.

Adding ingredients to your break up spell doesn’t need to be complicated. If you look at our covens book of shadows you’ll see many of our spells are sigil magic which can be done with nothing more than a scrap of paper.

I do suggest using something like this. It doesn’t take a lot of equipment and can make your spells a lot more potent with items you can find around the house.