White Magick Healing Spells for Others

Healing Spells for Others

Creating healing spells for others is the most beautiful and selfless way to use your Wiccan energy and powers for good. I am going to teach you some very simple healing spells that will be easy to perform and will allow you to help somebody you care for to feel better through your positive spiritual actions.

One of the key things to remember when casting spells for others is that you must be in a place of calmness and health yourself before you can send healing to others. It is vital that you take time to look after yourself and attune your spirit to one of peace and tranquility before you expend your energies on others.

There are a few simple tips that will help you maintain your aura when you are giving so much of your powers to others.

Remember: Before casting a spell yourself take the magick ability test so we pinpoint your innate abilities and improve your spellcasting.

Healing Your Own Energy First



The first is a simple reminder to meditate on your own energy before casting a healing spell for someone else.

Meditate on your inner spirit. Find 5 minutes each day to sit quietly and meditate on your inner spirit. It is useful to simply find it useful here to use a candle to focus on and often have an oil burner using geranium oil to bring me a sense of calmness. if you have had a stressful day and you want to rid yourself of the negative energies you may have absorbed from other people add neroli oil to the burner to banish the negative vibes.

The second thing is to carry a small sachet to keep your healing energies clean. This will mean when you come to bring healing to others you are untainted by those around you who are less spiritual and may carry natural negative energies. For the small sachet, I recommend filling a small pouch or bottle with lavender flower heads add 3 drops of frankincense oil and 3 drops of sandalwood oil. Carry this with you at all times whilst you are giving healing.

Learning Simple Healing Magic

There are a few main rituals to bring healing to others, the first is to cast a healing spell and send this positive white magick through the universe to others. There are a few other simple ways to infuse items with healing and give them as gifts to the person you are sending healing to.

I am going to explain how to cast healing spells and how you can use your witchcraft to endow simple items with magical powers that help bring healing to the body.

I will share with you the best spells for healing that I have used and that will bring results to those for whom you bring care and positive energy.

Keeping it simple and safe at all times is important here, the people for whom you cast these spells are distressed in body and mind because of illness and injury, this is a delicate time for them and weaving your magic here must be performed calmly and with love.

How to Cast a Healing Spell

I am going to share a number of simple spells and it is important that you do not overwhelm the person by using all of them at once you may use a maximum of 2 spells at any one time with the same person, using more may be too much.

Remember to replenish your own magickal energies before casting a new spell. if you find yourself sleepy this is a sign that you need to meditate or burn a candle for yourself and take time out from giving.

red candle spell

The Slow-Burning Candle Spell

This is a very good spell for slowing releasing your positive intentions and magickal energy and having these heard and amplified by Goddess of the Moon. The timing is all-important here, you must pay attention to the Moon as she wanes and comes to full glory. This is a spell that requires your calm spirit and your patience and love.

Difficulty level Beginner

Chance of success 4/5

Stuff you need

A Violet or Purple Candle

Lavender oil

Small piece of paper

Blue pen

How to cast the spell

Firstly you must allow all your energy to sink into the candle, you will use a purple candle as a symbol of healing bodily and spiritually.

You must anoint the candle by dropping three drops of lavender oil and spreading this over the top of your candle.

Before you burn the candle in your home you must light this candle for three minutes outside where you can see the Moon and she can see your offering.

As part of this first offering to the Moon Goddess write the name of the person on a small piece of paper and burn it tapping into your sigil magickal ritualistic powers. This will send the name of the person for whom you make this offering into the universe carried across the stars by your Moon Goddess. Do it safely with a very small piece of paper and leave it on the ground to burn into the air carrying your intent with it.

Now you are ready to use this sacred healing candle. It is best to burn the candle every night for at least three minutes while you focus all your internal light and energy on the person who needs the healing.

Repeat this for the full cycle of the moon, for a whole month every night without fail.

Witchy Tip

Never leave the candle unattended, staying with it increases its powers a hundredfold. Never let the candle fully burn to the end. It is always important to give something back to the earth so re-using the wax to make new candles amplifies the energy you have poured into the blessing of this candle.

A Gift of a Spell

If you prefer for the spell to be beside the person you are helping to heal another powerful way to shift your energy into their space it to give them a physical manifestation of your spell. You can tell them of it’s magic, or you can simply give them the gift of herbs and oils as a health-giving talisman.

Bottle it up

Level of Difficulty Easy

Chances of Success 3/5

Stuff you need

Small jar or bottle

Lavender flowers

3 teaspoons thyme

3 drops Lavender oil

3 drops Tea tree oil

3 drops neroli oil

How to cast the spell

This spell couldn’t be easier. Each of the ingredients brings its own healing into power. The lavender has been used by hundreds of years as a healing herb, thyme brings healing and love from the planet Venus. Neroli oil is really powerful for a witch, it is orange blossom essence banishes negative thoughts and energy. Tea Tree cleanses and represents new starts.

Simply add the ingredients one by one together repeating your intention for the person to wish to heal.

You can give this as a present to the person by adding a ribbon to the bottle or jar. I suggest purple for healing.

Witchy Tip

To intensify the power of this spell, if you have time leave it out in full sight of the Full Moon overnight to draw down her warmth. Alternatively, place it on the window ledge of the person’s room so the moon can bless the gift.

healing spell

Sachets of Healing

A very very simple way of gifting your healing powers and one of the easiest spells for healing. Give a healing sachet with very simple magical content to be placed under the pillow or mattress of the person who is ill. You do not want this to be overpowering in scent so keeping it light with the magical herbs but heavy with your magic and love is the key.

Similar to one of our popular protection spells for someone else – giving them a physically charged sachet means they can carry it around with them no matter where they are. It can be refreshed over time and re-given if needed.

Level of Difficulty Easy

Chances of Success 3/5

Stuff you need

Small pouch (jewelry gift bag serves well)

A clear quartz crystal

3 teaspoons of rock salt

3 teaspoons valerian oil or flowers

How to Cast Spell

Add each ingredient one by one to the pouch. Take it outside in a full or waning moon and ask the Moon Goddess to breathe love peace and healing into your spell. Take time to thank the Moon Goddess for her attention and breathe in her goodness and light. Breathe this into the bag of healing you have created.

When you pass this gift along to the sick person keep secret your ritual and it will keep the power tied to the bag.

Witchy Tip

If you can place this under the person’s pillow for a whole month it will have more power. If you use this in conjunction with the candle spell it is amazing how they work together to bring your positive intent and magic to bear in easing the person’s spirit.

Casting Your Own Healing Spells

Before creating or casting your own healing spells let’s figure out your own innate magick ability:

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