Freezer Spell to Keep Someone Away From Your Lover

Freezer Spell to Keep Someone Away From Your Lover

A freezer spell to keep someone away from your lover should be used great care. Our intent should be protecting your relationship from someone who means you or your lover harm. It should not be used without good cause. These freezer spells are our coven’s modern day variations on much older spells. They’re made to be cast with simple household items but have very old roots.

There are two approaches and I would recommend you use both, first freezing spells to capture the ill intent of someone you are around your lover with the intent of taking them from you, second is using love spells to keep your lover close to you and able to resist temptation.

These spells are designed to repell and keep someone away passively. If you’re looking for something with a bit more potency to stop someone actively trying to cause harm then take a look at our vinegar spells for enemies.

Keep Someone Away with a Freezer Spell

Note: Before casting this ritual make sure you take our magick ability test. This will help us find and channel your innate abilities far better than just following a general ritual.

Freezer spells are some of the easiest spells to cast as they require so little in materials and can really bind the actions of another person. They are usually used to stop something happening and in this case, they stop someone from going near your lover.

If you know the name of the person you are casting this spell around it makes it incredibly simple.

Ease of Use: Beginner

You Will Need

  • Black pen
  • Paper
  • Water
  • Freezer bag/ freezer tub

Casting the Spell

  • Write the name of the person you want to keep away from your lover in black pen in capital letters
  • Fold you the paper
  • As you fold the paper repeat the following slowly:
  • I hold you at bay You walk back You Stay Away
  • Now add the paper to the water which you have placed in the bag or tub

With this spell, I would suggest you add a little vinegar if you feel it needs extra strength because the person you are thinking about is very persistent.

Witchy Tip: Do not cast this spell in anger, cast it in love. It will have ten times more magic and binding power.

Spell to Keep Someone Away

‘Keep Them Back’ Candle Spell

You can cast a simple spell to keep someone away from your lover by using a candle. This illuminates all their actions keep them out of the shadows and keeps them away from your lover. Candle magick is simple to do but can be very effective.

Ease of Use: Beginner

You Will Need

  • A black candle
  • Dried rosemary
  • Dried sage
  • Black pen and paper

Casting the Spell

  • This magic is best to cast at night, and if the threat is large enough do it under a full moon. Black is the color of banishment and closure. You are calling on the end to all contact.
  • Write the name of the person on a small piece of paper in black ink
  • Use a black candle and burn the name of the person you want to keep away
  • Blow out the light
  • Now take the candle inside and place on a windowsill pointing towards the home of the person if you know their direction
  • Place dried rosemary and sage at the base of the candle in a circle and light the candle to ward off all influence from that person.

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Other Rituals To Keep Someone Away

Giving a small gift to your lover over which you have cast a protection spell can be a powerful way of using a freeze spell. It has the added advantage of carrying your love to them.

The easiest way to do this is to anoint the gift with a magic banishing oil. This oil made in love, created to keep them safe from all negative influences is easy to apply simply add a drop to any gift.

Just add:

  • 3 drops of bergamot oil
  • 3 drops of clary sage
  • 3 drops of lavender oil

If you feel a gift isn’t the way to go you can drop some of this banishing oil into his shoes so that everywhere he walks he is protected from influences you do not want near him. Again you can use their name and repeat

Be Free, Be Free, Be Free.

Keep Your Lover in Love With You

You can never go wrong with a love spell at the same time as you cast a spell to keep them free f someone else’s attention you can keep them in love with you using a simple love spell to bind them to you.

If this is the love for you then you want to use all your energies keeping that love alive, and it is more positive to cast a spell so all they see is you and the love you have for them.

Love Spell Incantation

These love spells use a lot of your magic so it is important that you cleanse your spirit in between, one of the easiest ways yo do this is to perform an act of kindness, this sends out good karma into the universe and it is likely to be returned to you when you need to use your magic in asking for something back.

A simple incantation spell using your lover’s name before you sleep can be full of love and send your dreams to them.

This incantation spell can be used in the moonlight, or when your head is already on the pillow.

I send my thoughts my dreams to you

Fill my heart and stay in my dreams too

When you wake let my face fill your heart

In that way, we will never be apart

To make this more powerful keep their face in front of you as you chant. You do this by photo or memory.

Witchy Tip: It helps to keep a photo tied in a red ribbon under your pillow. You can also add jasmine to add to the attraction.

Love Apples Ritual

If you want to use a true love spell that never fails then give the gift of love, an apple, the lovers fruit. Before you give this apple to your lover hold it in the light of the moon and ask the Goddess Selene to bless it as she is the Goddess of the Moon who so loved her lover she put him to sleep for 40 years so she could just watch him sleeping.

Ask Selene to bless your passion and put all of your love into the apple so that when you give it as a gift and when your bites into it they taste what it is like to be loved and will be enchanted by you.