How to Cleanse Black Obsidian

How to Cleanse Black Obsidian

Our coven’s guide on how to cleanse Black Obsidian is simple but important. Black Obsidian is a deeply grounding and protective stone, especially helpful for ridding the body and its surroundings of negative energy. It is often treasured for its powerful emotional healing properties as it helps release negative feelings and energy blockages, giving it the name “the grief stone”. It is a fantastic crystal for cleansing a space and attracting positivity and protection, which makes it a favorite in many crystal enthusiasts’ collections.

If you take care of your crystals, they will take care of you. For Black Obsidian to keep its powerful properties, it is vital that you take good care of it and make sure to cleanse and charge it regularly. We’ll take a look at each of the methods so you can find the best one for you.

Why Cleanse Crystals?


The reason why we treasure crystals so much is not just their breathtaking natural beauty, but because of their incredible energy transforming properties. Crystals are constantly absorbing excess energy, both positive and negative, while also emitting their own healing energy into the surroundings. However, this absorbed negative energy builds up and affects your crystal’s ability to cleanse and heal. Yet this can be easily solved by following a simple step-by-step process to cleanse the crystal of negative energy and re-charge the crystal with positive, healing energy. How often you need to cleanse your Black Obsidian will vary. If you sense that your crystal’s powers have dulled, or it even feels a little greasy or sticky – that’s a sign that it is due a cleanse. As a general rule, cleansing should be done regularly at least once a month.

How to Cleanse Black Obsidian: The Methods

Our methods of cleansing Black Obsidian is similar to charging a Rose Quartz and you should find the method which suits you best.

Saltwater Cleanse

This method is one of the easiest and most effective ways to cleanse your Black Obsidian, utilizing the natural positive energy and cleansing qualities of salt to restore healing energy to your stones. The first step is to place your crystals in a glass cup, and then fill the glass with cold, filtered water. As the water fills the cup, begin to visualize purity and positivity washing over your crystals – soon your intuition should be telling you that your crystals’ vibration has been restored. Drain away the water and sprinkle some Himalayan Pink Salt over each of the crystals, massaging them slightly while continuing to visualize positivity and purity. Rinse away the salt and pat your crystals dry before returning them to your collection.

Powerful Visualization

If you feel in tune with your intuitions and spirituality, this method might be easier for you as it involves harnessing your own positive energy and redirecting at your stones. Before beginning to cleanse the crystals, take a few moments to ground your personal energy (some like to meditate beforehand). Then pick up your crystals one by one, close your eyes and imagine bathing them in bright white light. Visualize the light getting brighter and brighter until the stone feels radiant and pure. This usually takes around one minute per stone.

Solar Power

Solar power is one of the most popular methods for cleansing and charging crystals, not only because it is so simple, but also because the sun’s natural yellow energy instills powerful positivity into our stones. All you have to do is find a clean and safe spot outside where your crystals can sit in the sun for around 7 hours, place them there and collect them before the sun goes down. The sun has a different energy to the moon, so it’s important not to mix the two when charging your stones.

Black Obsidian

The Power of the Moon

A similar process to using solar power, this method involves leaving your crystals out overnight under the moonlight, restoring all of their positive energy so that you can continue to use them for healing and protection. After the sun has set, place your crystals in a safe spot outside and leave them for around 7 hours. Make sure you bring your crystals back inside before the sun comes up so as not to mix the different energies.


Sage has long been known as a sacred plant for its unique spiritual cleansing properties, which makes it perfect for cleansing Black Obsidian. This method is best done outside as it involves burning the sage. Make sure you feel grounded and centered before lighting the sage at its tip, then move your stones one by one through the smoke for around 30-seconds each.

Use Your Larger Stones

If you are looking to cleanse a smaller chunk of Black Obsidian, you can easily do this by using larger stones such as Quartz, Amethyst or Selenite. These stones in particular are especially effective at cleansing the energy of smaller stones. To do this, place your smaller stone on top or inside the bigger stone. It is thought that the powerful energies of the larger stone will cleanse away any of the negative energy built up in your Black Obsidian.

Brown Rice

This method is especially effective for protective stones such as Black Obsidian. It involves using the powerful absorbing properties of brown rice to draw away any negative energy from your stones. To try this method for yourself, bury your stones in a bowl of brown rice and leave it there for 24 hours. Once you withdraw your stones, make sure you dispose of the rice afterward, as many believe that it will have retained all of the negative energy from your stones.

Finding Your Affinities

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After Cleansing

When it comes to cleansing your stones, it’s all about finding the method that feels like the best fit for you, your lifestyle and your beliefs. Once your crystal has been cleansed it should feel lighter and more energetic to the touch, and you’ll notice it drawing more positivity to your life and mindset again. After cleansing, try to find a mindful place to keep your crystal for a while, such as near houseplants or by an entryway – so you can make the most of its renewed positive energy.

Learning how to cleanse Black Obsidian is the first step. Once your crystal has been cleansed you’ll need to charge it again with your intention (we have a guide on how to charge crystals) and it’s best to do this soon after the cleansing.