Honey Jar Spell to Return a Lover

Honey Jar Spell to Return a Lover

A honey jar is a simple variation of a witch bottle used in many religions across the world. The difference is that this does not trap negative energy in it, but using a sweetener like honey does attract the intent and the desired effect. Like other energy drawing spells, you can use a honey jar spell to return a lover since it is a potent way to make your intentions and desires come true passively.

Like other love spells, a honey jar spell can either return a lover or get one, in case you do not have one. You need only household items such as a jar, a candle, and honey (or any other sweetening agent, such as sugar or sweetened water). How can you use a honey jar spell to return a lover will be discussed below.

Our coven has a complete guide on how to make a honey jar spell, including photos as we prepare a basic example. Jar spells can be used for anything and can be one of the easiest ways to manifest your desires into reality. It also doesn’t require anything but some simple household items.

Before You try the Spell

Keep in mind that these kinds of love spells, especially honey jar spells, are a potent form of magic and should be taken seriously. Making a honey jar means that you have to prepare the container by using a ritual, imbuing it with your intentions, then sealing it.

This is a sweetening spell used to attract certain things in one’s life, such as money, love, or courage, but it can be used for almost anything. Different branches of witches perform these spells differently so that the information you find here is suited to help you, regardless of the coven.

Note: Do make sure you’ve taken the magick ability test before doing this. It’ll help you find your innate strengths and make your cast much more effective.

How to Return a Lover with a Honey Jar Spell

Before you begin the ritual, consider this: the outcome will match the energy you put in, and it also varies with the experience of the caster, the sweetening agent which is used, and the different kinds of herbs that you add.

The difference between this practice and let’s say, for example, candle magic is that of time. You may want to repeat the candle magic more often, to get the desired results, as for this method, once sealed, the jar will attract the energies from the universe on your behalf. So how to make a honey jar spell to return a lover?

These kinds of craftworks require you to slowly and consistently unleash your intent into the universe. Make sure you have these items before you begin:

  • A jar of honey
  • A candle (different candle colors match other magic intentions, so be sure you pick just the right one for your work)
  • A pen
  • A card or paper
  • *Optional* – herbs, matching the affinity of the intention

Beginning The Ritual

jar spell

Choose a time when you are alone and cannot be bothered by anyone. These kinds of spells can be cast no matter the day, so if you are free in the morning or by night, it’s all good. Please turn off your phone and gather all the ingredients needed and keep them handy. Cast your magic circle as you always do before starting any magic-related work.

You now have to focus your intent, which is done by simply writing on the piece of paper or card, your intention. Keep the message simple and write it three times. Since this spell is about returning a lover, you may want to write a phrase like, “May Mary and I be together again.”

Now open the honey jar, and add your piece of paper in it. If the honey you’re using is thicker, you might need to push the paper down. Here is also the moment you might add the magic herbs you chose to use in the ritual, which I’ll cover later on.

Close the lid, and for better preservation, you could use a layer of plastic foil between the top and the jar’s lips. Anoint the candle with oil, any oil being great, even olive oil, by rubbing it on the candle’s surface, in a clockwise direction. Now place your candle on top of the lid, and light it up. Envision the honey infuses with the intention written on the paper.

Let the candle burn until it extinguishes, or, if you use a light tea candle or candles that come in a container, just let the wax melt, then pour it over the honey jar. As the candle burns, envision how your intention becomes a reality, and how you feel about that like it already started happening. At this point, you can chant your mantras, prayers, or your hymns to the Gods and Goddesses to help you in your magic ritual.

You can always burn another candle on your honey jar, for refreshing the ritual and the intention. Once it is sealed, allow the wax to cool completely, and then you can choose a place in which to store your jar.

Storing the Jar

You must store the honey jar since you don’t want anyone to open it or throw it by mistake accidentally. Some people choose to bury their pots in forests or high hills. But if you wish, you can even display it in your library or on your window. You might want to keep your magic jar near an altar, as long as it is related to aiding other spellcasting. If that is not the case, you should store it away, to be kept safely.

Under no circumstances you should open its lid unless you want to undo the magic entirely. Otherwise, it should remain sealed for as long as possible. The longer the jar is kept shut, the more influential the spell will be.

If Someone  Opens The Jar

If you or someone else accidentally opens the honey jar, you have to redo the spells with different items. Use an extra pot, piece of paper, and honey. Even after your intention has manifested, it’s best to keep your jar sealed for as long as possible.

You can renew the jar by burning another candle on it and using the visualization technique, as mentioned before, as long as you don’t break the seal on the jar.

Strengthening the Love Spell

There are different kinds of honey, more specific for a particular type of jar magic, and various plants you can use for an extra effect. You can use any type of honey to get your ideas materialized, but matching the type of honey with the intentions gives the best results.

Pine honey is used for protection and rejuvenation, thyme honey for cleansing and protection, rosemary honey for self-healing and self-love, eucalyptus honey for healing protection and unbinding, flower honey for beauty, happiness, and love, and lavender honey for magical potency. Here are the plants which you can use for your spell:

  • Sweetgrass – Healing
  • Rosemary – Remembrance, and healing
  • Palo Santo – a sacred wood used for any intentions
  • Sage – Cleansing and protection
  • Mugwort – Healing traumas and better sleep
  • Thyme – Power and increasing masculine energy
  • Nettle – Strength and nourishment
  • Chamomile – Fortitude
  • Fennel leaves – Nourishing and comforting purposes

All of these different kinds of herbs and honey will help you with your intentions. Now let’s talk about how you will know if the honey jar spell is working.

Making Your Cast More Potent

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Signs a Honey Jar is Working

Jars are supposed to be very powerful in hoodoo, but even if their effect is significant, honey jars magic usually takes some time before it manifests in your reality.

They are so commonly used because they are easy to prepare and are a potent form of spellcasting. Since it is a passive kind of magic, once designed and sealed, it will gather potency and work in time. The more it is left sealed, the more influential the sweet magic becomes.

Signs That The Spell Worked

If the magic were done right, you would feel relieved, in an even better connection with that person than before, or a healthy relationship would arise soon.

The other person will seem to be open about spending more time with you or would look a bit different than before. It will also tend to level out the differences between you, but even if you feel different, the difference will not be a barrier, but a means through which you two will deem better, as better persons.

As the caster, you might feel “lighter” or “relieved,” might have more energy, have good dreams, or feel stronger physically and psychically. Also, the caster might feel some effects like irritability, significant headaches or anxiety, and reactions that are sometimes handled by the subject.

If The Spell Wasn’t Done Well

If the rite was not done well, the subject might feel blocked, and the person who is the object of the ritual might find everything that happens to him inexplicable, which sometimes might lead to depression.

But if it was done right, it will bring psychological imbalances between the two because the subject does not know what is happening. If the ritual were done for the good of the person, the sensations would only be temporary. They will unveil a much better connection between the two, giving way to total improvements in all fields of their relationship.

The period until you will see results will differ for anybody, based on some things. Firstly, the experience of the caster, then for how long has the jar been sealed.

The ingredients used and the energy you put in the ritual also count. And lastly, it is about how much manifesting it is needed to make your intentions a reality. A small desire might require a few days until you start feeling its results, but more significant spells might take weeks to manifest.


Look for the signs that a ritual like this works, as I mentioned before. Leave your jar sealed long after you started to see it working, as it continues to work for years. They are a slow burn kind of rite, but very powerful. May love bloom once again.