WOW! The Energy Here Is So Strong

(Since 2006, our coven has helped 13,299 Magick Seekers in 21 countries with spellcraft that actually works...).

When we get a result like this, someone from the coven will reach out by email within a few hours (keep an eye on your inbox). We'd like to invite you to our online initiate groupWorking with your spiritual attunement to help you unlock your full potential. This is not an opportunity you should miss out on.

In the meantime, your results are below.

How You Should "Connect" With Magick Energy (Based on Your Answers): Passion ⚡️

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You have always been wise beyond your years. You are an "old soul".

You have the answers inside of you...and you freely give those answers to others, but sometimes struggle to find the right answers for yourself.

Many people see you as a "secret". Mysterious and guarded...yet people can see your wisdom, and they know there is much more to you than meets the eye. Your strength will serve you well in the Magickal world...and if you unleash the passion you feel for love and life into your Magick spells, the sky is the limit to what you can accomplish.

Above all else, strive to keep a good attitude. This is the key to spell-casting success. Do not get down on yourself or your matter what.

Warning: There is a downside to this affinity.

While you are very capable of manifesting really change into your life, this also means that you need to take control of your destiny. The universe knows that you are more spiritually aware and won't interfere on your behalf without asking.

We'll come back to how you can take charge of this affinity and help speed up your blueprint to union but first, I'd like to look at your magickal strength (this is important).

Your Magickal "Strength" (Based on Your Answers): Earth ⚡🌎🌿

You'll get the best results from spells that use some "earth-based" ingredients. You are highly attuned to nature.

So, try to focus on spells that use sand, crystals, stones, plants, shells, etc. (Any all-natural ingredient that was found in or on the ground). You'll likely also work well with animals and find it easier to connect with spirit animals than most. (We can work on that with you if you'd like).

And if you come across a really neat spell that does NOT call for any earth-based ingredient, you'll get better results if you ADD one of these ingredients to the spell.

(Yes...I highly recommend you actually modify spells to your Magickal Strengths when possible...)

Let Us Cast a Spell For You

Spell Cast
Our coven gathers each night to perform group casts, and we can cast a life-changing spell for you.

All we need is a few hours notice and the details of anyone you would like involved in the spell. Our casts are entirely confidential and given your affinity you'll probably feel the energy of the cast. (But we'll send you an email once we're done).

Where to Focus Your Next Steps (Based on Your Answers): 🪄Your Spiritual Side🧘‍♂️

You are far more spiritually capable than most people. The majority of us can't look beyond our day-to-day life and the technology an inch from our nose.

You are so uniquely capable of furthering your spiritual side and co-creating with the universe but you need to take advantage of it

You have a deep desire to connect with the universe and the people around you. Do you ever find people looking to you for advice even when you're not seeking a leadership role in that situation? This desire for a "connection" with the universe is subconsciously seen by everyone else - but you might have lost focus on it a little.

Your affinity to manifest and create change can get lost under layers of the day-to-day humdrum. Your journey won't progress until you take ownership of it.

Unlocking Your Path ⚡️  (and Full Potential) 🪄

Our test was put together by members of our coven and is constantly under expansion to try and give guidance to those on their own spiritual path.

We've combined decades of experience and the advice and experience of 1000s of Wiccans around the world but there's still only so much we can do with a single test.

So someone will have a look through your results and reach out to you by email to help take things further.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this path takes you. ❤️

High Priestess Katrina