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Based on your answers, we’ll be able to invite you to our online initiate group and someone will have a complete look over your answers and results before contacting you.

Our coven has been around for a long time, and by taking our training and spellwork online – we’re able to help more people than ever before.

Your results:

How You Should “Connect” With Magick Energy: Passion

You have always been wise beyond your years. You are an “old soul”.

You have the answers inside of you…and you freely give those answers to others, but sometimes struggle to find the right answers for yourself.

Many people see you as a “secret”. Mysterious and guarded…yet people can see your wisdom, and they know there is much more to you than meets the eye.

Your strength will serve you well in the Magickal world…and if you unleash the passion you feel for love and life into your Magick spells, the sky is the limit to what you can accomplish.

Above all else, strive to keep a good attitude. This is the key to spell-casting success. Do not get down on yourself or your life…no matter what.

Your Magickal “Strength”

You’ll get the best results from spells that use some sort of “earth-based” ingredient.

So, try to focus on spells that use sand, crystals, stones, plants, shells, etc. (Any all-natural ingredient that was found in or on the ground.)

And if you come across a really neat spell that does NOT call for any earth-based ingredient, you’ll get better results if you ADD one of these ingredients to the spell.

(Yes…I highly recommend you actually modify spells to your Magickal Strengths when possible…)

Let Us Cast a Spell For You

Spell Guru Coven

Our coven gathers each night to perform group casts, and we can cast a life-changing spell for you.

All we need is a few hours’ notice and the details of anyone you would like involved in the spell. Our casts are entirely confidential and given your affinity you’ll probably feel the energy of the cast.

(But we’ll send you an email once we’re done).

Where To Focus Your Next Steps

Right now in your life, you have various desires and dreams… but the most important thing for you is to actually use some of the Magickal gifts you were born with – carefully, under the “watchful eye” of an experienced teacher.

Just performing some simple spells in a variety of areas will help strengthen your Magickal abilities… and this is really your next step.

This is where we begin your training.

Check your inbox within the next hour or so and someone from our coven will reach out to introduce you to our training.